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Dance of Days Ch. 03


I awoke, or maybe I should say came to, with my whole body in pain. My wife of three days had seemingly changed overnight. My first wife after ten good years of marriage had thrown me out of the house after discovering my affair with Irene. Loving Irene, after telling her, she held me close and told me she would take away my pain and that she would be there for me. Irene warned me that my wife would become vindictive and would want to strip me of all … Continue Reading

Dance of Days Ch. 02

Tuesday’s child is full of grace.

Daria spun gracefully, her arms arched over her head with one leg bent and toe pointed at her knee before jumping forward and joining Alan in a long line of leaps across the stage. Coming together they pressed their hands together with one leg trailing behind them, walked in a circle and then pulled away before she stepped in front of him and he bent her backwards, lowering her arched body until her arm was draped onto the floor the same way her legs were. They held the pose … Continue Reading

Dance of Days Ch. 01

“Okay, turn a bit more… that’s beautiful!”

Leeza turned and posed as the shutter whirred with soft clicks. It took a conscious act to keep her eyes from squinting against the bright lights that shone upon her as she twisted and moved following the photographers commands. Her long silken hair flowed around her as the air from the machines gave her flaxen strands the look of riding upon the wind.

Her sensuous, full lips pouted and smiled as she moved into position after position. The snug top barely hid the brown of her nipples as the … Continue Reading

Driver Ichabod

It was a typical day at Love Limo’s the drivers were in the break room waiting for their assignments. As they sat around chatting, enjoying a cup of coffee, tea, soda or whatever. There was always something to munch on as well. They had a habit of exchanging their stories about some of the things that happened in the back seat of their limo. The stories were the usual told over and over again by drivers.

They had an on-going bet to see who had the hottest and steamiest story to tell. Many of the … Continue Reading

Driver Ernest

Hot. You wanted hot, I’ve got hot. Some of you know me, I’ve been here a while and I’m neither blind, nor stupid. I know how it goes. You guys get the new Mercedes or the hot stretch Lincoln and I get the ’95 Towne Car complete with squeaking brakes, a cassette stereo and a broken moon roof.

Yeah, you can go count your fancy clients and their big tips, I get people, all kinds of people… real people, interesting people. And yeah, on this trip I got all this along with a broken air … Continue Reading

Driver Billy Ray

Billy Ray was a somewhat attractive man. He was about average height, with mousy brown hair and rosy cheeks. His green eyes often sparkled with mischief, capturing the attention of those who would, more often than not, look past a heavyset man. With his jolly demeanor, the extra weight he carried seemed to suit him.

Billy Ray leaned back in his chair and began to speak, “Well, I don’t rightly know if I can top Ariel or Ernest, but I’ll tell my tale anyway.” Billy Ray looked around the break room at all the horny … Continue Reading